Accurate Tern Star Drag Conventional Reel

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Product Description

Accurate Tern Star Drag Conventional Reel


Accurate's first ever star-drag reel, as well as the first ever star-drag reel to feature a twin-drag drag system.  Milled from aircraft grade aluminum, with a CVX design, this reel is lightweight yet powerful enough to stop hard fighting fish.  A stainless steel anti-reverse bearing as well as steel gears and main shaft, give the tern exceptional durability.  A built in power knob seals the deal as a high-performance performance reel.  Comes in two gear ratios, 6:1 and 4.7:1, the high speed reel is designated with an "X". Built in the USA.

Model Weight (oz) Gear Ratio

Braid Capacity (# Test/Yd)

Line Retrieval (in)

Max Drag (Lb)
TX-300 14.6 4.7:1 325/30 38 30+
TX-300X 14.6 6:1 325/30 30.5 30+
TX-400 15.2 4.7:1 400/50 38 30+
TX-400X 15.2 6:1 400/50 30.5 30+