AFW Double Barrel Leader Sleeves

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American Fishing Wire Double Barrel Leader Sleeves 

Ideal for monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders, as well as Surflon, Surfstrand, and 49 Strand Cable, these burr-free, black oxide-finished leader sleeves are ideal for crimping full-strength connections in a wide variety of materials, and their black color ensures that even the most wary of predators won't be spooked. 

Model Sleeve Size Sleeve Type Sleeve Diameter (in/mm) 49 Strand Wire Size (lb) Mono Leader Size (lb) Crimp Color Quantity Per Pack
J04F8B-A 4F8 Double Barrel .044 in/1.12 mm 90-175 100 Black 25
J07F8B-A 7F8 Double Barrel .068 in/1.73 mm 275-400 130-200 Black 25
J10F8B-A 10F8 Double Barrel .096 in/2.44 mm 480-600 250-400 Black 15
J14F8B-A 14FB Double Barrel 0.116 in/2.94 mm 800-900 500 Blank 10