Blaze Garage Burn 90LS

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Blaze Garage Burn 90LS


Hand carved in Thailand, and initially renowned for their ability to catch large Giant Trevally, the Blaze Garage Burn 90LS was one of two stickbaits specifically made for the Bluefin Tuna fishery.  Made with 1.65mm wire, and a Japanese made 800lb swivel, these can catch even the baddest of fish.  The 90LS is level sinking lure with a sink rate of 1ft per second, is 9.5in long, and weighs an average of 3.5oz unrigged.  These lures can be worked in multiple different ways, with long or short jerks between its wobbling retrieve or a underwater walk-the-dog type action.  Recommended rigging is dual 3/0 Owner ST-66 trebles with #9 Hyper Wire split-rings.

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