Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook

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Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook


The Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook is renowned as the  "Saltwater Big Game  & GT Special" and utilizes the top technology that Decoy offers.  This hook is built using extra-heavy wire for use with species such as Bluefin tuna and GT.  The hook features an exquisite curve point with a long taper allowing for ease of hook sets and reducing burring on high end lures.  The Y-S23's eye decreases split ring deformation by using Decoy's smart eye.  The hook also uses a highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment for hook longevity.

Size Weight of Hook (g) Qty per Pack
6/0 11.4 6
70 15.6 6
8/0 17.8 6
10/0 23.5 4