Guppy Lil P Pencil Popper

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Guppy Lil P Pencil Popper


Arguably one of the smallest pencils on the market, the Lil P still maintains the same action as its larger cousins.  It is a perfect choice for backwater bass, or even in calm to moderate surf conditions when the fish are keyed on small baits like finger mullet, spearing, sardines, silversides, tinkers, peanuts and even rain bait.  It comes in two different styles, a "normal" round bottom style and a flat bottom style.  The round bottom is your standard pencil, use it anywhere, while the flat bottom is used in places with rougher conditions or where there is heavy current.  

Style Length Weight
Flat 5-1/4" 1-5/8oz
Round 5-1/4" 1-1/4oz