Kanji International Current Sutte

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Kanji International Current Sutte


Kanji International's answer to a "metal Sutte", this squid jig is best utilized as the bottom jig in a hi-lo squid jig set up.  The Current Sutte features a unique keel on the face of the lure that stabilizes the jig and gives it the ability to stay level on the drop, and face the current which gives a more life like action to this baitfish imitation.  Featuring high quality stainless steel hooks, these squid jigs are ready to catch squid after squid all trip long.


#10 - Weighs 38g, or 1-1/3oz.

#12 - Weighs 45g, or 1-3/5oz.

#15 - Weighs 56g, or 2oz.

#20 - Weighs 75g, or 2-3/5oz.


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