Manufacture Nariman Shutou SP-3L

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Manufacture Nariman Shutou SP-3L


The Manufacture Nariman Shutou is named after the Saury that comes to Northern Japan in the fall, meaning this lure is a perfect imitaion of any Saury or Halfbeak.  The Shutou is a handcrafted offshore stickbait made by Japanese lure maker, Hideho Narita,and is made specifically for catching Bluefin Tuna, and was custom made specifically for Tomo's Tackle.  The lure weighs an average of 3-1/2oz unrigged and measures 9" long.  It is a suspending lure, that will dive down to approximately 2ft.  From there, depending on rigging, it will suspend between 1-2ft of depth.  It is supposed to be worked slowly, with subtle movements after long pauses of the lure being suspended.  Recommended rigging is dual 3/0-4/0 Owner ST66 trebles with a #9 Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring.  If you prefer to have a single hook on the tail, we recommend upsizing the split-ring to a #10, and using a 7/0 ringed Kudako.  Excellent lure choice when sand eels, herring, or halfbeaks are present.

If you buy two, we offer free rigging, which is the hardware described above.  When checking out, please comment which style rigging you want.  

If you are looking for the hooks, you can find them here.

If you are looking for the split rings, you can find them here.