Nomad Design Madscad 190 Fast Sinking

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Nomad Design Madscad 190 Fast Sinking


The Madscad 190mm Deep sinking stickbait is designed for long distance casting or trolling and big fish. It will sink fast and get down to where the fish are hanging, and can be worked slow or fast with long or short twitches of the rod tip. A stop start retrieve creates an erratic swimming  action that fish simply cannot resist.  It can also be trolled at up to 12kn making it ideal for wahoo, tuna, albacore, kingfish, Giant trevally, cubera Snapper, roosterfish and many other species. Featuring a machine-stamped stainless steel plate and full body foam core construction, it is one of the toughest lures available, and is up to any challenge.

Model Length (in) Weight (oz) Hook Size
MADSCAD-DEEP190 7.5 5-3/4oz 11/0 BBK Single