ODM Jigster Surf Rod

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ODM Jigster


The ODM Jigster is a rod specially made for jigging areas with heavy current such as the Cape Cod Canal.  A fast action rod, little is needed, especially with the use of a low stretch braided line, to move the jig in the water.  It is a super light, and extremely strong rod capable of handling any fish that you could throw at it.  The 50/50 spilt features anti-twist technology, and behaves and feels almost exactly like a one piece rod.  Features premium components with Fuji K-Guides and a Fuji DPS reel seat, and a Japanese shrink wrapped handle, with a cork tape underlay. 

There are two models available, the regular and the "Extreme".  The regular version compromises of two sizes; a 10'6", a 11' and a 12', and offer superb performance with high versatility in multiple situations.  The other is the "Extreme" is made up of three sizes; a 10'6", and a 11', these "Extreme" models offer a faster rod action, bigger backbone with a cost of relative reduced versatility in some situations.  

The regular models are rated 4-10oz with the exception of the 12' which is rated 5-12oz, and all "Extreme" models are rated 6-12oz.

Model # Length Pieces Action Lure Rating Max. Drag
NXJ-10610 10'6" 2 Fast Action 4 - 10 oz. 33lb.
NXJ-10612 "EXTREME" 10'6" 2 Fast Action 6 - 12 oz. 35lb.
NXJ-1110 11' 2 Fast Action 4 - 10 oz. 33lb.
NXJ-1112 "EXTREME" 11' 2 Fast Action 6 - 12 oz. 35lb.
NXJ-1212 12' 2 Fast Action 5 - 12 oz. 33lb.