Sea Falcon Z Slide Jig

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Sea Falcon Slide Jig


Made for blue water jigging these jigs are beautifully handmade in Japan out of premium components.  This jig is asymmetric creating an short enticing action with a short jerk of the rod and a long wide sweeping action with a long jerk of the rod.  The 120g model is ~5.25" long, the 150g model is ~6" long, the 180g model is ~6.75" long, and the 220g model is ~7.5" long.

Depending on the size of the jig, we recommend the following rigging, Shout Hard Twin Spark Dual Assist  or Shout Twin Spark Dual Assist with the length of assist cord and hook size species dependent, and an Owner Ultra Split Ring #6.  If you have any questions on a particular jig feel free to contact us.