Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft

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Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft


 The Magic Swimmer Soft is a jointed soft plastic bait that maintains the same enticing swimming action as the hard plastic original.  As a soft plastic, it can also be rigged in a variety of ways such as Texas or Carolina rigs. The lure now has improved colors, and a reinforced mesh body for higher pull strength.  Each Magic Swimmer bag is sold with a weedless, wide-gap weighted hook, and there are strategically placed holes in the nose and throat, and in slots on the belly and back allow the Magic Swimmer Soft to slide on the leader, making for a more durable bait.


160 - This size lure is 6-1/4in long and weighs 1-1/4oz.

200 - This lure is 8in long and weighs 2-3/8oz.