Shimano Ocea Pencil 185S

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Shimano Ocea Pencil Sinking


The Shimano Ocea Pencil 185s is a sinking stickbait perfect for catching busting tuna, GT and excels when water is too rough for a topwater bait.  This lure will have a horizontal sink, and we recommend rigging this bait with dual 2/0 or 3/0 Owner ST66 treble hooks, and if you prefer to use a tail single, to use a 6/0 ringed kudako.  Hooks are not included, though the lure comes pre-rigged from the factory with 170lb split rings.

If you are looking for the hooks, you can find them here.


Length: 185mm (7.3 inches)

Weight: 110g (3.9 oz.)