Van Staal VS-X Bailed Spinning Reel

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Product Description

Van Staal VSB Series


 The Van Staal VSB is the first reel that they have produced featuring a titanium bail. Following a similar design to the original VS reels, the VSB series features the famed sealed, waterproof, drag system. The reels features a "lockdown" drag system with 30lbs of drags. With such a strong drag system in place, the reel is built for a multitude of applications. 

Model Mono Capacity (yd/lb test) Braid Capacity (Yd/Lb Test) Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Spool Diameter Line Retrieval
VSB150 360/12 440/30 4.75:1 16.8 2.255" 30"
VSB200 400/15 500/40 4.25:1 27.6 2.5" 33.5"
VSB250 350/20 600/50 4.25:1 28.4 2.750" 36.5"