Van Staal VS-X Series 200

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Van Staal VS X-Series 200


The VS X-Series is Van Staal addressing the issue with the old model VS, where braided line had to be spooled in a hump in order to achieve uniform line lay.  The VS X-Series also achieves increased casting distance, and an improved drag system.  However, these improvements were made on an already incredible VS platform, which features a fully sealed spinning reel which is capable of being reeled underwater.  The 200 size has a larger spool diameter than the 150, meaning this reel would excel as an all around plugging reel

If you would like to upgrade the handle knob to one more comfortable, you can find them here.

To service this reel yourself you need the service kit, you can find that here.

Line Capacity (Mono) Line Capacity (Braid) Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Spool Diameter Line Retrieval (in)
400yd / 15# 500yd / 40# 4.75:1 21.6 2.5" 33.5