CMS Stellwagen Special 50 Trolling Rods

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CMS Stellwagen Special 50 Rods


Custom built by CMS Fishing Tackle in Massachusetts, the CMS Stellwagen Special 50 Rods are bent-butt, offshore rods, designed to be paired with a 50-pound class reel. The blank on this model is made in the USA by Calstar, and is an 50 size blank. With an Aftco #2 bent butt, this rod can be fished either from standup or from the rod holder. The rod is also capable of fishing in a variety of methods, such as trolling, chunking, and live bait. Each rod comes in three thread work variants: Blue/Silver, Gold/Red, and Green/Silver.

Model Length (Excluding Bent Butt) Length (With Bent Butt) Guide Type Largest Recommended Heavy Swivel* Bent Butt Size
CMS Stellwagen Special 50 53 in. 66 in. Aftco Wind-On Roller Guides Size 4 #2

*Please note, for the purposes of the table, we used the SPRO Heavy Swivel as a reference for sizing.