Daiwa Saltiga JDM Conventional Reel

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Daiwa Saltiga JDM Conventional Reel


The JDM Daiwa Saltiga is similar to the one available on the US market, but with some models but with a greater focus on Slow-Pitch Jigging.  The Saltiga was designed with focus on durability, with precisely cut and powerful all-machine cut aluminum body equipped with a MagShield Ball Bearing, and a hyper-digital main gear to further improve the performance of the reel. The pinion part, which is a high frequency failure component in salt water, is highly durable by adopting the MagShield ball bearing. In addition, the body is provided with drain holes at various locations, so that the incoming water can be discharged more easily. The drag operates smoothly and is equipped with an ATD (Automatic Drag System) that keeps the drag value from dropping even with sustained use at high pressures. In addition, there is a spool lock, for when the angler really needs to bring the fish off the bottom.

Model Line Retrieval (In) Gear Ratio Reel Weight (g) Max Drag (lb) Line Capacity (PE) Bearing Count
15H-SJ 39.1 6.4 460 17.6 1-800, 2-500, 3 -300 8 + 1
35N-SJ 37.5 5.1 600 22 2-700, 3-400, 4-300 8 + 1