Strategic Angler Cruiser

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Strategic Angler Cruiser 


The perfect sinking lure to get you in the zone. These lures will stay in sight when the fish are cruising, waiting for that perfect opportunity.  Cast and let the lure sink into the feeding zone, then reel with a medium or fast retrieve to entice the strike.  The lure sinks horizontally with a fast and slow sink rate, which is dependent on the hook choice of the lure.  The Cruiser Series does best with a moderate to fast retrieve with an occasional pause.  The pause enables the lure to sink to the feeding zone while the retrieve creates a side to side motion.  The cruiser’s strike appeal comes from its quick erratic action mimicking a disoriented bait fish, drawing them in for a strike.  A faster retrieve will enhance the action of the lure, making it swim and erratically kick its tail. A good use for this lure is when the surface action is slow as the fish may be feeding deep. Fishing the Cruising Series is as easy as casting it out, pausing and letting it sink, then retrieve the lure.


***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***


Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Heavy Tackle
Belly/Rear (Treble,Treble) 3/0 - 5/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) 4/0 - 5/0, 7/0 to 9/0
Belly/Rear (Single, Single) 9/0+, 9/0+
Heavier or larger hooks are recommended for strong current or heavier seas to increase lure stability


Tomo's Tackle recommends using Shout! 31 trebles and/or Shout! Kudako singles.



Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Cruiser Sinking 10" 187.5