Strategic Angler Frantic Fast Sinking

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Strategic Angler Frantic Fast Sinking


The Frantic series was inspired through the body shapes of Sardines and Ballyhoo.  The term “frantic” was appropriately chosen because it mimics the crazed action of a bait fish when chased by a predator.  The life-like sub-surface swimming action entices predators to strike time and time again.  The perfect all-around lure for amateurs and professional anglers alike.  The lure is 8.25" long, and weighs an average of 112.5g (4oz).  The Frantic can be fished in many versatile ways.  The first way is to swim the lure with a medium retrieve creating a natural swimming action.  It is important to keep the rod tip down to maximize the subsurface swim. A fast retrieve will make this lure vibrate frantically sub surface.  The best action is achieved just before the lure starts to roll due to imbalance, so it is advisable to swim the lures prior to use.   The faster you retrieve, the faster it vibrates in a frantic state, and the angler can also incorporate pauses into retrieve.  This technique is great for covering more ground or for fast ambush predators such as barracuda, king mackerel and bluefish.  Another way to work the lure is with a "Dive and Roll". All that needs to happen is to cast the lure,  then allow for a few seconds so that it orients itself in the water.  With the rod tip down, pull the rod with one smooth sweep to the right (or left) then pause for a few seconds.  Slowly point the rod to the direction of the lure while retrieving the line with a few cranks of the reel.  Repeat.  This action will entice a wary fish to strike because it mimics a stunned or dying fish.  The sweeping motion will cause the lure to dive down and roll.   The pause allows the lure to right itself with a horizontal buoyancy.  This is its deadliest move.  Finally, a twitch and pause technique can be used. Retrieving the lure with small rod twitches with an occasional pause will make it flutter like an injured or disoriented bait fish.  The slight twitches of the rod during the retrieve gives the fish an erratic swimming action while the pause allows the lure to rest; a perfect opportunity to hook that trophy fish.  The Frantic Fast Sink will sink at an average of 1-1/2ft/sec.


***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***


Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Heavy Tackle
Belly/Rear (Treble,Treble) 2/0, 2/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) 3/0, 5/0-8/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Treble) for use in heavy current or  for faster sink rate 3/0, 3/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) for slow trolling up to 4kn 4/0, 7/0-9/0


Tomo's Tackle recommends using Shout! 31 trebles and/or Shout! Kudako singles.


Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Frantic Fast Sinking Fast Sinking 8.25" 112.5g