Zenaq Expedition Travel Rods

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Product Description

Zenaq Expedition Travel Rods


Model Descriptions:

EP67S/B - EP67 models are three-piece rods that can be used for both fresh and saltwater species. Although they may appear light and delicate, the chance of the rod breaking is low due to our proprietary carbon’s extreme strength. The EP67 is the Expedition series’ answer to anglers pursuing small and medium gamefish at the far reaches of the globe.  These models are ideal for species such as barramundi, peacock bass, toman, tigerfish, pike, black bass, bonefish, triggerfish, and permit, just to name a few.

EP73S/B - This rod is in the middle of the power line-up for Zenaq's travel rods.  The 3-piece rod has a sharp tip section to control a variety of lure types and strong butt section to fight against strong fish. The length of 7’3” offers versatility for both shore and off-shore fishing.  Finished with premium components like a Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji Titanium K-Guides.  (Target fish: Yellow tail, Mahimahi, Barramundi, Peacock bass, Toman, Tiger fish, Pike, Dorado, Muskellunge, Hucho taimen, Salmon, etc…)

EP83S - Its power and torque are designed for capturing smaller GT or Tuna around 30kg (66lbs) from a boat. The rod features a moderate-fast action and performs almost identically like a one-piece rod. This rod is also well suited for for freshwater fisheries where you may need to pull species from heavy cover or structure. bush by force. The rods length of 8'3" allows for long casts, while also allowing for precise lure control.  Finished with a premium Fuji DPS reel seat with an uplocking nut and Fuji MNSG Ocean Guides.  (Target fish: Light GT, Light Tuna, Bluefin Trevally, King fish, Rooster fish, Tarpon, Nile perch, Pirarucu, etc…)

EP83-6Travally - This rod was developed for GT game. Its power range is based on the Fokeeto FC83-5 Trevally and Fokeeto FC83-7 Trevally popping rods.  This rod has the ability to cast a wide variety of stickbaits and poppers.  Despite being a 3-piece rod, the power, sensitivity, and durability is unaffected for these premium travel rods.  This rod is finished with premium components, with Fuji DPS reel seats with uplocking nut, and Fuji MN Guides.

Model  Length  Guide Layout  Lure Rating (g)  Pieces  Length Closed (in)  PE  Guide 
EP67B  6'7"  Conventional  13 - 70  28.32  1.5 - 3  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 
EP67S  6'7"  Spinning  13 - 70  28.32  1.5 - 3  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 
EP73B  7'3"  Conventional  20 - 90  30.86  2 - 4  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 
EP73S  7'3"  Spinning  20 - 90  30.86  2 - 4  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 
EP83S  8'3"  Spinning  40-120  35.16  3 - 6  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 
EP83-6Travally  8'3"  Spinning  Max 180  35.16  5 - 8  Fuji Titanium K-Guide with SiC ring 

***Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of the 50 U.S. States, U.S. Territories and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.***