Zenaq Plaisir Answer Surf Rods

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Product Description

Zenaq Plaisir Answer Surf Rod


Model Description

PA90 "Jaw Breaker" - The PA90 is a rod was built to throw small jigs, swimbaits and other lures long distances, but also allow each to be worked properly.  Despite its perceived small frame, this rod has immense backbone and has landed fish much larger than it's pay grade.   The rod comes with Zenaq's K-guide system allowing for extremely long distance casts, while also minimizing weight, the rod also uses a Fuji VSS reel seat.  It is also available in Zenaq's proprietary RG guide system. 

PA99 "Distance Cracker" - The PA99 is built on a similar platform as its PA90 brother, but is designed for "big fish".  With its extra length, this rod can cast exceptionally long distances reaching fish most fisherman never get the chance to entice.  With the ability to balance with larger reels, this rod is foul weather ready with its fast action to punch through wind.  This rod also casts a variety of lures like the PA90 equally as well.

Model Length Guide Layout Plug Rating Pieces PE Rating Guide
PA90 "Jaw Breaker" (KWSG) 9'0" Spinning 10 - 50g 2 (50/50 Split) Max 2 Titanium KWSG
PA90 "Jaw Breaker" (RG) 9'0" Spinning 10 - 50g 2 (50/50 Split) Max 2 Titanium RG
PA99 "Distance Cracker" (RG) 9'9" Spinning 12 - 45g 2 (50/50 Split) Max 2 Titanium RG

***Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of the 50 U.S. States, U.S. Territories and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.***