Shout Heavy Spark Hook

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Shout Heavy Spark Hook


The Shout Heavy Spark Hook is available untied for those who prefer to tie their own assist hooks.  The Shout Heavy Spark Hook is an enhancement on the original Spark hook with strength, penetration and rust prevention while slow pitch jigging.  The wire of the hook was made for fishing for powerful species like amberjack, small tuna's or when increased drag is necessary when fishing around structure.  The hook features Shout's new Clear Fluorine Coat which increased penetration performance by creating a slicker hook decreasing the amount of friction between the fish's mouth and the hook.  The coating also is what provides the increased corrosion resistance.  The hook comes with a hammer point end allowing for assist cord to be tied easily to the hook.

Size Quantity per Pack
1/0 7
2/0 6
3/0 5
4/0 3
5/0 3