Deepliner Slow Skip Freq Jig

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Deepliner Slow Skip Freq Jig


The DeepLiner Slow Skip Freq Jig was developed as a jig suitable for long fall jerk, with an enticing action that drives fish to eat the jig during its decent from the pitch.  The Slow Skip Freq has a smaller silhouette compared to a jig of the same weight, and is effective for targeting fish with slow techniques like long fall and slide-jerk jigging. For anglers utilizing these techniques, there is no better jig to take out of the tackle box than the Freq.






Model Size (g) Size (oz) Length (in) Recommended Hook Size
Freq 180 6.3 4.5"  2/0
Freq 220 7.8 5"  2/0
Freq 270 9.5 5.25"  3/0
Freq 330 11.6 5.5"  3/0