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Yamaga Blanks Galahad Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

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Yamaga Blanks Galahad Slow Pitch Jigging Rod


Slow pitch rods require fast recovery and sensitivity in order to work a jig and fish purposefully. For these, the Galahad series have been carefully designed with Yamaga Blanks cutting edge technology to help prevent a loss of momentum and rhythm when working slow pitch jigs through the water column.  A rod that is too stiff or soft is of no use to the angler if it’s unable to perform to its design.  Although Galahad Slow jigging series have been designed to be skinny, the blanks boast increased resilience and durability for use when fighting the fish. This allows you to give the jig various action while fishing, increasing the chance of hooking up to picky or highly pressured fish. For those fishing exclusively slow pitch jerk, the  63/2 or 63/3 model is best.  If you plan to use other jigs such as inchiku jigs the 62/3 and 62/4 will be recommended to search bottom of the sea.  The rods incorporate premium graphites and components like Fuji DPS reel seats and Fuji stainless steel SiC guides.  Please be aware that these rods are more a tool to work the jig rather than to fight the fish - make sure that the rod does not move past parallel and it is not high sticked.  Use the reel and yourself to fight the fish instead. 

Model Jig Comfort Weight (g) Line Rating (PE) Length Pieces Guide Layout Weight (oz) Carbon Make-Up (%)
63/2 Slow 120 1.5 6'3" 1 Conventional 4.75 99.8
63/3 Slow 160 2 6'3" 1 Conventional 5.00 99.8
62/3 Slow 200 2 6'2" 1 Conventional 5.25 99.8
62/4 Slow 250 2.5 6'2" 1 Conventional 5.35 99.8