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Yamaga Blanks BlueSniper Surf Rods

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Yamaga Blanks BlueSniper Surf Rods


Seven years have passed since its launch, and the BlueSniper Shore series is more popular than ever with anglers all over the world. In 2017, the BlueSniper series was completely revamped with Toray's NANOALLOY® technology to create blanks that are lighter and crisper on the cast for greater precision than ever before. Their high-sensitivity performance during battles helps anglers take control during fight while always feeling the fishes' movements to fight fish aggressively and improve landing times.
As lure selection has increased and techniques have become more and more specialized, the BlueSniper Shore series has evolved to synthesize delicate yet firm tips and serious power in the butt section to create rods that can work light and heavy jigs and plugs alike while punching above their weight when fighting fish.

Model Descriptons:


The "ML" model newly introduced to the Blue Sniper Shorecasting series. A light shore jigging rod mainly for jigs of about 40g and minnows of 10cm-14cm class, mainly for small blue objects such as warasa, shio, and sawara from fields with relatively good footing such as breakwaters and surf. In particular, it goes well with surf games, and while achieving a comfortable cast feel and operability like an extension of a sea bass rod, it also has the power to smoothly pull cushion flatheads, large flatheads, and medium-sized blue fish. In addition to jigs and minnows, it is possible to use a wide variety of plugs such as minnows and vibrators, which is recommended for developing games that can be eaten according to the situation. Of course, the jig can be fully cast up to 60g, and the moderate tension from the berry to the bat moves the jig with good response.


A medium model with the power and lightness to aim for 3Kg class greenery mainly on breakwaters, tetra belts, or surf. The blank, which is designed with a slightly regular taper, facilitates the operation of plugs in general, especially minnows, minnows, and small diving pencils. We are good at developing aggressive games with a wide range of games, etc., and the usability is very light, and the angler's concentration is not interrupted. Even if you feel that 96ML is not enough power in the area where the tide is fast, if you use M class butt power, you can control the fish on the flow flexibly, and even in the situation where the foothold is bad such as the tetra band, the berries that can be stored are the fish. It follows the movement and leads the offense and defense at your feet to an advantage. This book is recommended not only for veteran anglers but also for beginners and female anglers.


A tuned model that fuses an M-class tip with an MH-class bat.
The blank, which is even lighter than 100MH, realizes light operation performance for both jigs and plugs. The delicate and flexible tip can give various variations to lure operation. While the main target is 3-5kg class blue fish, the bat section with amazing restoring force gives anglers a safe fight even when confronting fish over 5kg. An all-rounder item that can handle a wide range of lightweight lures with a flexible tip that firmly enters during momentary actions, while being a model that carries a relatively heavy weight on both jigs and plugs. The water entanglement of the diving pencil with its characteristic softness and rigidity, the production of powerful and nimble jig operation, and this contradictory characteristic in a bitter situation will be a great advantage to surely seize a few chances.


The core model of the series, this rod handles jigs from 80-100g and plugs around 60g at a very high level and is designed with a balance suited for any user. From terrestrial rocks to Okiiso, this Nano blank's blinding recovery speed effectively works jigs even at the bottom, and the rod's manageable power is sufficient to wrench on fish that bite near the bottom. Nonetheless, its tip still provides feedback to the angler when working lures and fighting fish to optimize performance while doing both.

106H PS

This technical power model specializes in working plugs on the surface with minute control. While it has almost the same power in the butt section as the 910H, the tip's delicacy and flexibility gives it the ability to work a wide range of lighter lures, while the Nano blank's lightness in the hand keeps you fishing longer. Casting 200mm-class diving pencils is a breeze, and with dramatically improved recovery, the rod gives the angler more options for working lures, even at its 10'6" length.

103L PS

This is “Light class concept” model for capturing the situation that Blue runner feeding small bait only under the condition with high pressure. You can cast tiny diving pencil comfortably without unwanted wobble and manipulate it as you wished to easily. Besides you can handle lures for seabass to cover tough situations that you have to match the bait to catch selective fish. It has been well balanced so you might forget that is 10.3ft long. Which means that it is going to be huge advantage to capitalize an few occasions. It bends well and nicely to reduce loading of line even if you fish with fine PE line while accumulating power to keep even 10kg of yellow tail under control from rocky shore This is how we think what is the rod as “light class concept” for game of Blue runner supposed to be.


A power model with moderate tension from the bat to the tip, and the settings are boiled down so that jig operations can be performed lightly. The blank, which has fully benefited from the nanoalloy, can be swung lightly even with a jig of 150g, and the tip enters moderately when jerk, surely reducing the burden on the angler who keeps shaking under severe conditions. The delicacy hidden in the strength can be used for technical production that intentionally creates a bite chance within a limited range even in deep areas where the tide is fast. The bat power that is stored as it bends makes it possible to compete on an equal footing with a strong repulsive force while flexibly absorbing even the running of a good amberjack on Okiiso and remote islands. It is one that has suppleness in strength like the muscles of athletes trained to reach the top.

Name Model Length # of Pieces Split Weight (g) Lure (g) Line PE Max Carbon Content
BlueSniper 96ML 96ML 9'7" 2 50/50 223 Jig~60g / Plug~40g 2 99.80%
BlueSniper 100M 100M 10'0" 2 50/50 245 Jig~80g / Plug~50g 3 99.80%
BlueSniper 97MMH 97MMH 9'7" 2 50/50 296 Jig~100g / Plug~60g 4 99.80%
BlueSniper 100MH 100MH 10'0" 2 50/50 307 Jig ~120g / Plug ~80g 4 99.80%
BlueSniper 106H Plug Special 106H PS 10'6" 2 50/50 325 Jig ~130g / Plug ~100g 5 99.60%
BlueSniper 103L Plug Special 103L PS 10'3" 2 50/50 240 Jig ~15g~40g / Jig ~40g 2 99.60%
BlueSniper 910H 910H 9'10" 2 50/50 326 Jig~150g / Plug~120g 5 99.80%