Decoy Y-S23BL Treble Hook

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Decoy Y-S23BL Treble Hook


The Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook is renowned as the  "Saltwater Big Game  & GT Special" and utilizes the top technology that Decoy offers.  The "BL" designation means that this series of the Y-S23 is barbless in order to comply with certain regulations.  The barbless hook allows for increased penetration due to the dreased diameter of the hook point, ensuring consistent hook ups while also allowing for easier releases.  However, the Y-S23BL does have a small step on the hook point in order to keep the hook in the fishes mouth in case a lack of line tension occurs.  This hook is built using extra-heavy wire for use with species such as Bluefin tuna and GT.  The hook features an exquisite curve point with a long taper allowing for ease of hook sets and reducing burring on high end lures.  The Y-S23's eye decreases split ring deformation by using Decoy's smart eye.  The hook also uses a highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment for hook longevity.

Size Weight of Hook (g) Qty per Pack
6/0 11.4 6
70 15.6 6
8/0 17.8 6
10/0 23.5 4