Decoy Y-S82 Treble Hook

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Decoy Y-S82 Treble Hook


The size of the treble Y-S81 has been increased to a heavier wire while maintaining the performance its thinner cousin. The Y-S82 is a strong treble that is aimed at larger targets (tuna, hiramasa, medium and small GTs, etc.). The treble hook is straight versus curved, while the long throat minimizes hook burr.  The wire features a wide gap for increased hook-up ratios and holding power as well as a long throat & low angle barb to ensure penetration and prevent burring.  The eye of the hook features Decoy's smart eye that decreases the deterioration of the ring strength when attaching the hook to lures.  the hook also uses a highly corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment that is resistant to rust.

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