Hayabusa EX129 UV Mackerel Skin Sabiki

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Hayabusa EX129 UV Mackerel Skin Sabiki


Hayabusa's EX129 UV Mackerel Skin Sabiki is an elite saltwater fishing rig for coastal and offshore anglers. Featuring double ultraviolet hues on the narrow soft fish skin and flasher, this UV color enhances light reflection, making it easily seen by target fish. The EX129 is extremely effective in both sunny and low light conditions in clearer water conditions.

Sabiki fishing is a Japanese style of fishing designed to efficiently catch baitfish. When fishing with a 7' Sabiki rod we recommend cutting of the last hook and retying on the swivel as the Sabiki is too long to fit its entirety into the rod. After size 12, the hooks begin become to large to fish with a Sabiki rod, and the larger rigs are better suited to be fished with a conventional set-up.

A simple dehooking tool designed for use with sabiki rigs that will allow you to remove baitifish from your sabiki more efficiently is available here

Size Monofilament Main Line (lb) Monofilament Branch Line (lb) Number of Hooks Hook Color
10 21 13 6 Gold
12 24 17 6 Gold
14 28 21 6 Gold