Nomad Riptide 200 Sinking

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Nomad Riptide 8" Sinking


The Riptide series of lures from Nomad Design feature some of their finest proprietary lure technologies such as; Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS, Gorilla Through Wire and HD Foam.  All sinking models have internal weights maximizing casting distance and also allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub surface walk the dog action.  This retrieve can allow the lure to turn nearly 180 degrees just by “twitching” rod tip action.  Finished with a super tough triple layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production, allows the finish of the lure to stand up to whatever quarry you are throwing the lures to. The 200 models are fitted with 9/0 BKK hooks and super strong split rings, meaning this lure is ready for offshore use right out of the package.  The 200 series is 8" long, weigh 3.75oz.