ODM Frontier X Surf Rod

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ODM Frontier X



The ODM Frontier X rod line is an extremely versatile rod line compromising of four models.  Each model features extreme sensitive with high modulus graphite, executional durability, versatility and fish fighting ability.  These models have an action on the faster side of a moderate-fast action, meaning a further cast.  These rods are extremely thin, causing less fatigue on the fisherman over repeated casts, yet thick blank wall gives plenty of back bone as well as providing more durability. All rods feature a 70/30 split, and behave almost exactly like a one piece rod, and have design features to make sure the rod will not twist during use.  Top manufacturing components with Fuji K-Guides, and an extremely comfortable Fuji ergonomic reel seat.  


NXFX-863:  This rods size allows anglers to pack light, travel fast and fish areas not accessible with larger rods.

NXFX-964:   This rods size suits itself best for bridges, breakaways, backwaters, and inlets.

NXFX-1064: This rods size suits itself for plugging along open beaches.

NXFX-1066: This rod can cast down to a ounce fairly well, though it can cast its top end very well.  It size and strength are suited for plugging and jigging open beaches and the Cape Cod Canal, who those who like a somewhat shorter rod for casting ease.

NXFX-1068: This rod is for tossing large plugs and pencils vast distances, as well as light bait applications.

NXFX-1166: This rod shares the same qualities with its foot shorter brother, NXFX-1066, though the extra foot gives anglers extra length to increase their casting distance.  

Model # Length Pieces Action Lure Rating Max. Drag
NXFX-863 8'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 3 oz. 20lb.
NXFX-964 9'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 4 oz. 20lb.
NXFX-1064 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3/4 - 4 oz. 20lb.
NXFX-1066 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 2 - 6 oz. 22lb.
NXFX-1068 10'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 3 - 8 oz. 25lb.
NXFX-1166 11'6" 2 Mod. - Mod. Fast 2 - 6 oz. 22lb.