ODM Surfwave Surf Bag

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ODM Surfwave Surf Bag


The ODM Surfwave Bag is a tractor trailer truck of a surf bag, and even the 2.5in tube model packs well above its weight.  Made of 2-ply Dacron Sail cloth, this bag has reinforced seams and heavy duty hardware, creating an extremely long lasting product.  The backside of each bag is having steps to attach to your surf belt to make carrying the bag more comfortable. However, while in the same model line, they are two completely separate things. 

The 2.5in tube has two spate tubes in its main compartment, for the fisherman who likes to “run and gun”, and doesn’t need to carry a tackle shop in their plug bag. The top is doubly secured with a single top flap, then underneath are two flaps which Velcro each other.  This creates an extremely secure bag reducing the chance that the bag will open up when wading in the surf.  Each tube would probably hold three average plugs, and maybe four if one of those plugs is a needlefish.   On the left side is a cloth tube with a Velcro top strap where one could fit more lures, a water bottle, or prepackaged jigs.  On the right side, there is a more secure pocket for more precious goods or spools of line or jig trailers.  Finally, the front pocket is detachable if one wants a slimmer profile bag.  It has an interior pocket for storing bucktail’s with space for whatever else you could want to stuff in there.

            Better suited for the surfcaster looking to bring his entire collection with them when they go to the beach. The 3.5in Tube is inherently larger than the 2.5in tube bag, with three 3.5in tubes inside of the main compartment instead of two.  Each tube would probably hold four average size plugs.  The bag has the same right and left side pockets as the 2.5in, however the detachable front bag is about three inches larger.