Shout Hard Twin Spark Assist Hooks

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Shout Hard Twin Spark Assist Hooks


The Shout Hard Spark Twin Assist Hooks are made for slow falling jigs. The hook is made with standard slow pitch hook wire, meaning the spark is great for all species which can be targeted with slow pitch jigging when high drag and structure is not a concern..  The assist cord that hooks come with are available in 3 different length; 2cm, 3cm and 4cm.  When the hooks are used on both front and rear, choose the length so that front and back hooks won't interfere with each other.  Longer length assist cords should be used in the front of the jig if the fish are biting when the jig is being worked upwards.  When jigging structure, use longer hooks on the rear to prevent the hooks from getting snagged.  The "Hard" designation means that the assist cord is made with fluorocarbon which allows the hooks to return to their original position faster than other types of assist cord.  

Quantity per Pack Assist Cord # Test
1/0 2 80
2/0 2 80
3/0 2 80
4/0 2 100
5/0 2 100