Shout Heavy Spark Hard Gap Assist Hooks

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Shout Heavy Spark Hard Gap Assist Hooks


The Shout Heavy Spark Hard Gap Assist Hooks are made for slow falling jigs. The Heavy Spark hook which is used allows for increased drag when fighting larger species of fish or when structure is a concern.  The assist cord that hooks come with are available in 3 different lengths for use with a variety of jig lengths.  This type of assist set-up is best used in the front of the jig.  The staggered hooks increase the hook-up ratio by hooking the fish in a variety of places.  The hooks feature Shout's clear fusso coat to decrease friction on the hook point during the initial hook-up while also offering increased corrosion resistance.  The "Hard" designation means that the assist cord is made with fluorocarbon which allows the hooks to return to their original position faster than other types of assist cord.

Quantity per Pack Assist Cord Length (Short/Long) Assist Cord # Test Solid Ring # Test Split Ring # Test
1/0 2 2cm / 3.5cm 100 155 81
2/0 2 2cm / 3.5cm 100 155 114
3/0 2 2cm / 3.5cm 120 155 114
4/0 1 2cm / 4cm 150 320 110
5/0 1 2.5cm / 4.5cm 150 320 110