Zenaq Defi Muthos Sonio Surf Rod

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Zenaq Muthos Sonio Surf Rod


Treading a fine line between power and the ability to cast small lures, the Muthos Sonio is a rod designed to find the perfect middle ground.  With its extremely soft tip, the Muthos Sonio can cast lures as light as 10g, yet when fighting fish, its power is shown with a powerful midsection capable of fighting large game species.  This moderate fast action rod further allows for long distance casts with plugs up to 70g or jigs up to 100g.  All models are finished with premium components, with Fuji DPS reel seatswith uplocking nut, Titanium K-Frame guides on KWSG models, Titanium LCSG guides on RG models, and all guides double wrapped for durability.  Each rod has a 50/50 split in the middle of the rod.

Model Length Guide Layout Plug Rating Jig Rating Pieces PE Rating Guide
100M (KWSG) 10'0" Spinning 10 - 70g 10 - 100g 2 (50/50 Split) 1 ~ 3 Fuji Titanium K-Frame
100M (RG) 10'0" Spinning 10 - 70g 10 - 100g 2 (50/50 Split) 1 ~ 3 Fuji Titanium RG

***Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of the 50 U.S. States and U.S. Territories. We apologize for any inconvenience to our international clients.***