ODM Jigster SPJ

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ODM Jigster SPJ - Slow Pitch Jigging


The Ocean’s Dark Depths are the most diverse, mysterious, and challenging environments on earth.  The Species that dwell within it are forever adapting, and moving in ebb and flow with its tides, and seasons. The pursuit of these species drives us as anglers to adapt, engineer, and develop techniques to ply them from their depths. The vision of a shiny colorful Jig fluttering, and dancing through the water column is irresistible to almost every species that swims. Slow pitch Jigging has changed the way we fish around the globe… They bring our Technique specific Slow Pitch Jigging “Jigster”.  With proprietary Boron Nano Carbon technology built with cutting edge components, they have engineered the Jigster SPJ to be the next level addition to every Angler’s arsenal.  Featuring a wide range of Jig and Power rating, the Boron Nano carbon layers are carefully constructed to bring that Parabolic Power curve ODM is founded upon with a revolutionary carbon layup to create a highly responsive tip to impart incredible deflection and action to the jig all day long.  The Full Carbon reel seat anchors a range of winches designed for plying big fish from the deep. Spiral/Acid wrap guide concept layout with corrosion resistant Titanium Guides for maximum balance of power and fatigue-free fighting. The Jigster SPJ is the Next level in the Ultimate Slow Pitch Jigging Experience


Model # Length Jig Wt. Power Line Guides Real Seat
BXJX-68SP0  6'8" - 1piece  90g  Light  PE: 0.5-1.5  Titanium - Spiral Wrap  Carbon  
BXJX-68SP1  6'8" - 1piece  250g  Medium  PE: 1-3  Titanium - Spiral Wrap  Carbon 
BXJX-68SP2  6'8" - 1piece  350g  Medium Heavy  PE: 2-4  Titanium - Spiral Wrap  Carbon 
BXJX-68SP3  6'8" - 1piece  500g  Heavy  PE: 3-6  Titanium - Spiral Wrap  Carbon