Blaze Garage Sranthra Popper

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Blaze Garage Sranthra Popper


The Blaze Garage Sranthra Popper is versatile offshore popper which is great for beginning or experienced anglers.  The shape of the popper creates aerodynamic casts while also being easier to "pop" than other popper designs.  The lure holds water easily and is still able to move liters of water across the surface!  The tail of this lures is horizontal so that both single or treble hooks can be rigged easily.

Size (g) Weight (oz) Length (in) Length (mm) Cup Size (mm) Recommended Treble Size
120 4.23 7.50 190.50 45 5/0 Shout!, Owner, or GT Recorder, 6/0 Decoy Y-S23
150 5.29 7.87 200.00 50 6/0 Shout!, Owner, or GT Recorder, 7/0 Decoy Y-S23
180 6.35 8.37 212.71 50 7/0 Shout!, Owner, or GT Recorder, 8/0 Decoy Y-S23