Century Stealth Series Surf Rods

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Century Stealth Series


The Century Stealth series is a parabolic rod, with immense backbone.  The light tip is best for throwing non-aerodynamic lures and bait.  The Stealth series is also a good go-to when fishing light leaders.  The difference between the S-1 models and the S-2 is the "beefy-ness" of the blank.  The S-2 is going to have more backbone.


S1 1085 - This rod is 9' and rated for 3/4-4oz.  It is best suited for back bays and inlets where a shorter rod would excel

S-1 1205 - This rod is 10' and rated 1-4oz.  Its best suited for plugging along open beaches. The rod is split 60/40.

S-2 1266 - This rod is 10'6" and rated 2-5oz.  This rod would excel at the Cape Cod Canal as a plugging rod.  The rod is split 60/40.

S-2 1326 - This rod is 11' and rated 2-5oz.  This rod shares the same qualities as the 1266.  The rod is split 60/40.