Century The Demon Spinning Rods

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Century The Demon Spinning Rods


The Century Demon was designed to be the pinnacle of finesse fishing, with the focus on sensitivity and usability. The dynamics of the of the rod will put a high level of technology in your hands and is built using premium Century technology such as Graphene, Anti-Twist Technology, Autoclave Technology, Gear Box progressive loading system and are finished with a 1K carbon functional finish.  Both the Graphene and 1K carbon functional finish with Graphene allowing for the rod to recover faster, be placed under heavier loads, while the 1K Carbon functional finish builds on those aspects, while also increasing blank durability.  Both the Anti-Twist and Autoclave technology increase overall hoop strength of the blank allowing for increased sensitivity while fishing and fighting your catch.  These combined technology features make a unbelievably light, sensitive, long casting, and powerful fish catching tool.  The factory construction of this rod features a very stripped down build with small split grip design in red and black. All rods are built with Kigan guides that feature an obcircle micro-guide ring that virtually eliminates tip pulse on the retrieve of a spinning reel, while creating very long, smooth, and tangle free casting.  These rods would excel for finesse freshwater fishing and light inshore saltwater fishing.

Model Length Lure Rating (oz) Line Rating (# Test) Action Pieces
ISS843SWS 7' 1/32 - 3/4 6 - 20 Fast 1
ISS903-1KSWS 7'6" 1/32 - 1 6 - 20 Fast 1
ISS943-1KSWS 7'10" 1/32 - 1-1/4 8 - 25 Fast 1