Sea Falcon Drain Inchiku

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Sea Falcon Drain Inchiku



Originally Inchiku's were a well kept secret by Japanese commercial fisherman, Inchiku - roughly translating to; so easy it must be cheating, jigs are now common all across Japan and are now making themselves well known in waters outside of the Far East.  The body of the jig is meant to imitate a baitfish and will glow in the water.  This jig will fall with a wide side-to-side flutter like most slow jigs on the market, but where the difference lies is in the squid skirt attached to the jig.  This tail will have the added effect of extra action during the fall as well as hiding the assist hooks from the fish.  These jigs are able to catch a wide variety of fish: haddock, cod, pollock, grouper, snapper and any other type of bottom fish.



There are two main attachment points to an Inchiku jig; the part closest to the ear (1) and the middle of the back of the lure (2).  Each attachment point offers a different action:

1) This placement is the most standard way of attaching an Inchiku jig, and the one most will be familiar with.  It offers the most standard slow-jig presentation with a fluttering action from the squid skirt.

2) This placement offers the most wide fluttering action, and makes the squid skirt move around much more.