Shout Curve Point 31 Treble Hook

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Shout Curve Point 31 Treble Hook


The biggest feature for these trebles is the curve point which helps hold the fish better than standard treble points, and allows for easier penetration.  The curve point also decreases the chance that the hook point will disfigure the lure of which the hook is attached to.  The special ARS (Anti-Rust System) yields an effective method at preventing corrosion and rust from forming on these high carbon hooks.  The 31 Treble is made with heavy wire, allowing it to be fished for large tunas and Giant Trevally.

Size Qty/Pk Weight (g)
1/0 6 4.1
2/0 5 5.1
3/0 6 6.4
4/0 5 8.6
5/0 4 9.7
6/0 3 13.0
7/0 3 16.2