Shout Kudako Hooks

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Product Description

Shout Kudako Hooks


The Shout Kudako hook was developed for the Japanese amberjack, amberjack and kingfish fisheries. The hook is made of light and strong high-carbon steel. The curve point helps the majority of hook sets to be in the corner of the mouth, versus gut hooking the fish.  The long taper point allows for smooth and easy penetration into the fish, while the wide gap better distributes the pressure of the fight along the entire hook preventing hook straightening. The bent eye of the hook allows the Kudako hook to be used as an assist hook while also providing great balance to a plug when attached with a split ring.

Size Quantity per Pack Hook Weight
1/0 6 1.2g
2/0 6 1.7g
3/0 5 2.2g
4/0 4 2.7g
5/0 3 3.9g
6/0 2 6.1g
7/0 2 7.9g
8/0 2 11.2g
9/0 2 12.9g