Strategic Angler Walker

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Strategic Angler Walker


The Walker is a topwater floating lure best used when the feed is hot and heavy. This lure zig zags on the surface with simple rod twitches giving the impression of a fleeing baitfish. Twitch it, walk it, and watch the water explode.  The lure floats head up and tail down at rest.  The lure responds with input from the angler to control its side to side surface action.  The Walker can be utilized in multiple ways, one of which is "walking" it.  Twitch and work the rod tip with a downward motion.  The lure will respond with a zig zag surface skim while the tail sits in the water.  The splashes generated by the lure triggers a frenzied feeding response resulting in spectacular blowups.  One can also sweep the rod tip all the way from right to left and then pause.  Retrieve the line with a few cranks of the reel while returning to the original position and then repeat.  The sweeping motion makes the lure dive with a trail of bubbles and surfaces head first at rest.  During the dive, the lure will roll under water, exposing its flashy sides and pearl belly.  This visual display triggers the feeding response of the predator so hang on during the pause.  Strikes happen.  Another way of working the lure is by keeping the rod tip down to swim the lure just under the surface with an erratic left/right/up/down motion.  Varying the retrieve speed will enhance its erratic swimming nature while keeping the rod tip down.  Finally, you can retrieve the lure with the rod tip up will create a surface skimming action, just like flying fish or ballyhoo breaking the surface.  Pausing the retrieve after skimming will mimic an injured ballyhoo or flying fish that has just landed.


***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***


Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Heavy Tackle
Belly/Rear (Treble,Treble) 3/0 - 5/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) 4/0 - 5/0, 7/0 to 9/0
Belly/Rear (Single, Single) 9/0+, 9/0+
A heavier tail Hook (+4-6 grams) is preferred for the best action especially in adverse conditions





Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Walker Floating 10" 142.5