Strategic Angler Espada - Floating

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Strategic Angler Espada Floating


The Espada series is a true-to-life sized lure inspired from Pacific Saury and Ballyhoo. It features a smooth, streamlined body with a 2.4 mm wiring system, capable of handling any fish of your dreams.  The Espada Floating sits tail down on the water’s surface at rest.   To create a surface side to side glide, slowly pump the rod tip down rhythmically; it may take a few tries to get the action right and may depend on wind and current conditions.  Don’t forget to pause in between, as most strikes occur at this time; the head will also pop out during the pause.  To achieve a longer surface glide, switch to a lighter belly hook or just use a tail hook.  Slowly sweeping the rod tip left to right (or down) will make the lure dive followed by a bubble trail.   This audible commotion entices strikes at anytime, so always keep your eye on the lure as it pops out of the water.


***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***


Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Heavy Tackle
Belly/Rear (Treble,Treble) 2/0 or 3/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) 3/0, 6/0-7/0
Belly/Rear (Single, Single) 8/0 to 10/0
Tail Only 3/0 to 4/0 treble, up to 12/0 single


Tomo's Tackle recommends using Shout! 31 trebles and/or Shout! Kudako singles.




Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Espada Floating Floating 9.25" 97.5