Avet MXJ 5.8 Star Drag Conventional Reels

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Avet MXJ 5.8 Star Drag Conventional Reels


The Avet MXJ 5.8 Star Drag line of reels incorporates a star drag opposed to the traditional lever-drag associated with these reels. The 5.8 size is perfect for inshore and lighter offshore applications alike. The aluminum star wheel tends to be easier to adjust to the preferred drag pressure. The narrow spool holds roughly 470 yards of 50 lb braid, which is perfect for bottom fishing, jigging and slow jigging applications. All aluminum body, stainless steel gears and eight sealed ball bearings make for a sturdy reel. 

Model Gear Ratio Retrieve Per Turn (in) Weight (oz) Max Drag (lb) Spool Width (in) Braided Line Capacity (yd/lb)
MXJ Star 5.8:1 40 17 20 1-7/8 470/50