Daiwa Saltiga 2023 Spinning Reel

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Daiwa Saltiga 2023 Spinning Reel


The Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels is the new pinnacle in spinning reel innovation. Featuring a monocoque body, the Saltiga allows for a much larger main gear than competitors and helps keeps gears inline with one another reducing wear on the teeth and adding reliability to the reel. The monocoque body also decreases the amount of parts used in the reel, and eliminates body screws adding increased water resistance and decreasing the possibility of corrosion.  The main gear is now 12% bigger than the previous generations, but comes in 10g lighter.  The Saltiga also incorporates Daiwa's proprietary Magseal technology on both sides of the drive gear as well as in the line roller creating a highly effective seal against both water and other elements while not inhibiting any of the reels free-spinning.  Daiwa has now incorporated an aluminum rotor into the reel which gives the reel 2x more rigidity than the Zaion rotor incorporated in the previous generation.  New drag washers were also added to the reel giving 10x more durability against wear than the previous generation.  The Saltiga adds more drag washers to the stack than the previous generation but are also smaller in diameter, decreasing overall weight, and spreads the load more evenly across them.  This gives powerful drag outputs ranging from 55 to 66 pounds of drag, depending on the model, while remaining silky smooth and responsive to fish pulls.  The spool also features a newly designed ABS spool for long distance, tangle free casting with braided line.  The reel is easily switched between left and right hand retrieve.  Made in Japan.

2023 Models

MQ Body takes reel design to the next level. The MQ system does not require a body cover, instead using an engine plate to screw directly to the body. Eliminating the need for screws to hold a body cover in place. MQ body improves the strength of the reel, it also improves the water-resistance of the body and allows a larger diameter drive gear to be installed. More rigid materials add strength and durability.


Model Line Retrieval (in) Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Max Drag (lb) PE Rating (m) Braided Line Capacity (lb/yd) Monofilament Capacity (lb/yd) # Of Bearings Handle Knob
4000-XH 38.8  6.2:1 12.2  26 2-300, 3-260  20-280, 30-200  14-250, 20-160  12+1 Round
5000-XH 41.1  6.2:1 12.9  33 2-300, 3-260   30-230, 40-160  14-280, 20-180  12+1 Round
6000-XH 43.4  6.2:1 14.1  33 3-300, 3-210  30-320, 40-240  14-340, 20-270  12+1 Round