Strategic Angler Bullit 100

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Strategic Angler Bullit 100


The Bullit series is a simplified and scaled down version of the popular ten inch Cruiser series.  The Bullit 80 is 4" long and weighs .7oz (20g).  Its dense cylindrical body profile enables it to be used as a pause and twitch bait.  The Bullit series can also be used as a fast retrieve lure which offers a tight hurried swimming action.  A perfect representation for smaller forage fish such as silversides, small scads and anchovies, this lure offers a slower sink ratio compared to metal jigs.  This ability to stay in the feeding zone is perfect when targeting fast moving smaller tuna (bonito, albacore, skipjack), Spanish mackerel, Striped Bass and trevally.


Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Light Tackle
Treble #2 or #4 
Single 1/0 +


Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Bullit 100 Sinking 4" .7oz