Strategic Angler Mikros - Sinking

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Strategic Angler Mikros Sinking


The “smallest” lure in the Strategic Angler Big Game lineup.  The Mikros series lures zig-zag, swim and wobble unlike any custom lure on the market today.  The perfect size for both fresh and saltwater fishing, the Mikros series opens the possibilities for the ultimate fishing experience.  The Mikros Sinking has a length of 5", with an average weight of 55g (1.25oz), with a horizontal orientation with varying places in the water column depending upon how long you let it sink. The Mikros-S sinks for a more subtle but “in your face” presentation. and can be walked by twitching the rod tip imparting a side to side zig zag action, keeping the lure in the feeding zone where it is most effective.  The occasional long jerk will make the lure kick wildly, making the lure swim like a fleeing baitfish.  The Mikros lure can be retrieved with various speeds depending on the hook setup.  Lighter hooks allow for a slower retrieve while larger, heavier hooks allow for a more spirited retrieve.  For heavy tackle and big game fishing, an extra large treble or single hook located on the belly is all you need.  This configuration will still allow the lure to swim at its best (note that the sink rate of the Mikros will change depending upon hook configuration).  The average sink rate is 1ft/sec (30cm/sec).

***Please note that each Strategic Angler Lure is hand painted, and delivered product may display slight variance from the photo***

Recommended Hook Configuration
Hook Presentation Light Tackle Heavy Tackle
Belly Only (Treble) N/A 3/0 - 5/0 
Belly Only (Single) N/A 8/0 - 12/0
Belly/Rear (Treble,Single) 1/0-2/0, 5/0-7/0 3/0, 6/0
Belly/Rear (Single,Single) 6/0-9/0, 6/0-9/0 5/0-8/0, 5/0-8/0


Tomo's Tackle recommends using Shout! 31 trebles and/or Shout! Kudako singles.


strategic-angler-micros-light-tackle.jpg    strategic-angler-micros-heavy-tackle.jpg


Model Buoyancy Length Weight (avg)
Mikros S Sinking 5" 55g