Van Staal VS X2-Series Bail-less VS100 Spinning Reel

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Van Staal VSX2-Series Bail-less VS100 Spinning Reel



The Van Staal® VS Series reels have been the benchmark for durability and reliability for 30 years. The VS X2 Series is built on the VS foundation of simplicity and functionality and is made with the finest materials available for the No LimitationsTM angler. The X2 retains all the features the VS Series reels have become know for while adding key improvements from top to bottom. New sizing rounds out the portfolio from back bays to the offshore tuna grounds. The new unibody design increases strength and sealing while the longer handle, power knob, and power drag knob increases both cranking power and drag pressure. The oversized clutch is now on the pinion side which results in immediate hook sets. With smaller and faster reels, the benefits of the VS X2 can now be experienced by the inshore angler.


Model Color Braid Capacity
(lb test/yds)
Mono Capacity yd/lb Reel Handle Position Gear Ratio Bearing Count
VS100BX2 Black 20/460 300/10 Left 5.4:01 8
VS100SX2 Silver 20/460 300/10 Left 5.4:01 8