VMC 4x Inline Single Hook

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VMC 4x Inline Single Hook


Inline hooks were first made for jigging, as the hook could run inline with the jig.  Today, these hooks are used for replacing treble hooks on lures.  Besides being more humane than treble hooks, an inline hook is a stronger connection from lure to fish, as an inline singles heavier gauge wire is stronger than a treble hook of equivalent weight.  At Tomo's Tackle, we recommend going up a split ring size when replacing trebles, as it will be closer to the original trebles weight.  However, just like most things, results may vary and the best course of action is to know the lure and tune it accordingly.

Hook Size Quantity per Pack
1/0 8
2/0 7
3/0 6
4/0 5
5/0 5
6/0 4
7/0 4