Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari Jigging Rods

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Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari Jigging Rod


While many jigging sticks boast one specialty, the Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari is a versatile rod, capable of utilizing slow pitch, short, and long jigs.  This is due to the proprietary design which Zenaq employs in building these rods; a highly elastic outer sheath of carbon shields an inner core of pure carbon.  Outside of versatility, this blank construction drastically increases durability and hoop strength as well as increasing sensitivity.  Further, this increased durability allows the angler to fully utilize the rod during the fight, a boast unheard of in most other slow jigging rods.  All rods are built using premium components with Fuji Titanium Frame guides with Torzite rings, and Fuji DPS reel seats.  If you are looking at a jigging rod that will decrease your total pack weight, allow you to fish lighter jigs due to a decreased diameter line size, and provide less fatigue throughout a normal day of fishing, the Zenaq Fokeeto Ikari rod may be the rod for you. The 5.5 power spinning model comes in two variations: the "S" model, which is designed for typically-sized spinning reels and leaders, and the "W" model, which features all Fuji Titanium KW guides with SiC inserts for extra reinforcement for using larger reels and shock leaders up to 70lb. 

Model Length Configuration Jig Rating (Short) Jig Rating (Long) PE Rating
FB63-1 6'3" Conventional Max 120g Max 120g Max 1.5
FS63-1.5 6'3" Spinning Max 130g Max 130g Max 1.5
FB63-3 6'3" Conventional 170g 240g 0.8 - 2
FB64-5 6'4" Conventional 210g 280g 1.5 - 2.5
FS64-5.5 (S) 6'4" Spinning 210g 280g 1.5 - 3
FS64-5.5 (W) 6'4" Spinning 210g 280g 1.5 - 3

***Due to our distribution agreement with Zenaq, we are unable to supply their rods outside of the 50 U.S. States, U.S. Territories and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.***