Shout Combi BB Swivel (413CB)

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Product Description

Shout Combi BB Swivel


A combination of Shout's ball bearing swivel and split ring to be used for attaching lures to your leader.  The swivel incorporates an enhanced internal structure for added strength. With high grade components these swivels take a lot of stress out of your line, minimizing line failure and allowing you to really apply the brakes when needed. The design of the Powerful BB Swivel also minimizes line twist, preventing any excess frustration and allowing you to fish more efficiently. These swivels have a very low profile for their breaking strain making them an optimal choice for jigging and popping.  The split ring is a high strength steel with a high recoil which allows it to be opened and closed multiple times while still maintaining its integrity.

Size Qty/Pk BB Swivel Lb. Test Split Ring Lb. Test
3 3 160 74
4 3 266 74
5 2 288 91
6 2 412 116